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My name is Michael and I am a German currently living in the UK. I started walking beginning of 2015 after going through a depression. Moving to a different country and leaving my friends behind was not the easiest and due to stress at work I stopped thinking about myself and the things that make me happy.

I found a challenge on Facebook called ´Walk1000Miles´and I signed up for it. I thought that getting out of the house and enjoying nature would not only help myself but also my relationship.

So off I went and started to explore the local trails here in the South of England. This grumpy old man became more and more addicted to walking and I started to inform myself about equipment, shoes etc.

Then one day a friend of mine told me about the Camino Primitivo. I had heard about the Camino but never really felt that I needed to go and was afraid that it wouldn´t be the right thing for me. But something started to grow inside of me and with every day the urge to go became stronger.

So I started reading in a forum and on websites and my partner surprised me with a book about the Camino. I was hooked…..There was not one minute where I didn´t think about the Camino and where I didn´t talk about it. I got the tickets for my birthday in February and I left for the Camino in September.

The experience had such a strong impact on me as a person that I can´t but share this with everybody and wish that all of you who haven´t done it might be able and willing to do so one day. Not only have my depressive moments disappeared but my outlook on life has changed completely. I feel like a new person and live in today and don´t worry about tomorrow.

Planned are now the Camino Portuguese for May 2017 and other local long distance trails.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you need any information or would like me to write about anything that interests you.

Buen Camino, Michael


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